Judicial Misconduct Uncovered at the Hartford State’s Attorney’s Office under Gail P. Hardy


In light of the situation and the past recent weeks news headlines, probable cause been found in the seeking of damages by several attorneys in case of State of Connecticut vs. Jonathan Reich. Upon further investigation it has been found that the articles written by Jessie Sawyer of Patch Media Corporation were impossible to contrive or write without foreknowledge or collusion with the Avon Police Department. HartfordCommunityCourt.com has been informed that all previous complaints posted in prior articles HAVE STILL NOT BEEN ANSWERED OR ACKNOWLEDGED. We ask, “Where is the Justice System in Connecticut?”

A complaint sent via USPS Certified Mail to Hartford State’s Attorney Gail P. Hardy has HAS NOT BEEN ANSWERED OR ACKNOWLEDGED for 211 days (6 months & 27 days.)

It is absurd at the fact that this case has been allowed to stay in a taxpayer-funded Court System for an exorbitant amount of time, 1147 days (3 years, 1 month, & 22 days) and counting…

It appears that this is not the first case of judicial misconduct for Hartford State’s Attorney Gail P. Hardy including that of recent weeks in the headlines in Connecticut.

“In a decision that has gone unnoticed in the press, a Connecticut court last month reversed a kidnapping conviction finding that the prosecutor in the case, who is now the State’s Attorney for the Hartford Judicial District, hid the existence of a sentencing deal between the state and its chief witness, and permitted the witness to deny in open court that any such deal existed.

In 2005, Lucas Betancourt was tried and convicted of a kidnapping, burglary, and robbery in Waterbury.

Here is a prosecutor who, a court has found, knew she had made a deal to effectively reduce the sentence a co- conspirator had already been given, and listened silently to him disavow on the stand that he even intended to seek a modi cation, pointedly telling a jury that “You can’t raise a doubt,” about that witness’ testimony.

It is a remarkably brazen act of deception and prosecutorial misconduct.

Lucas Betancourt, whether he is guilty or not, has spent eleven years in prison as the result of his constitutional rights to a fair trial being violated by a prosecutor who has since been promoted to head a State’s Attorneys of ce. That is news worthy of reporting if the media has any intention of taking seriously its role as a check on the behavior of public officials.”

Source: ProsecutorialAccountability.com

In light of current circumstances outlined in previous stories here at HartfordCommunityCourt.com, We encourage our readers to inform themselves on the key aspects of prosecutorial misconduct at the below link as cited by the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (NACDL) in a study titled “Crossing the line: Responding to prosecutorial misconduct.”

Keeping the above referenced study in mind, we have concluded that the mentioned points and guidelines directly apply to the case of Jonathan Reich. In lieu of pending details we are asking our viewers to help us seek justice for this case and are sponsoring a direct link to the legal defense fund which will break apart details in this case. Thank you for your support and future updates to follow.

The below referenced link is the of cial legal defense fund in pursuit of revealing details and information that the Hartford Judicial Court System is not turning over to the defendant or his attorneys.

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